(GMT+5) | 30.01.2023

Lake Urungach

These are two lakes in the  Urungach Valley (. Translated as "light or white jade" Kas - jade, Urung - in modern Uygur language means light): Underwear - quite small, but very beautiful with the unreal color of the water, and top - a large lake.

Above the small Urungach 4 km from Lake Superior Urungach, which never dries unlike the small fellow, even in the hottest months. The surrounding landscape, and the lakes are very different from each other. Lake Superior has a turquoise color of the water, and twice the size.

Few scientific data was collected by Soviet scientists on the lake:

Altitude: 1227m
Catchment area: 38.2 square kilometers
The water surface area: 0,020 sq km
Volume million cubic meters:. 0,080 cubic meters
Maximum length: 0.320 km
The average depth of 4.0 m
Maximum depth: 10,4 m

Lake changes its level depending on the time of year and the water level in the creek Urungach, as indicated by clear markings on the rocky shore of the lake opposite.

At the mouth of the creek which flows into the lake, we had lunch, rested, even tried to swim, but at this point a lot of silt and algae, it is best to swim to the other side of the lake.

It is located 150 km from Tashkent, in the territory of Ugam-Chatkal National Park.