(GMT+5) | 01.10.2023

BRT is planned to be launched from the capital to Tashkent sea


The mayor-office of Tashkent region is attracting Architects Engineers Planners Advisors to develop a feasibility study for a high-speed bus (BRT) project between the capital and the Tashkent Sea for 6.9 billion soums. On October 11, the governor of Tashkent region Davron Khidoyatov signed a decision of the regional kengash of people's deputies "On measures for the further development of public transport (BRT) in Tashkent region with broad application of international experience."

The document approved the signing of an agreement with Architects Engineers Planners Advisors (in the decision the name of the company is written like this: "ARCHITECTS EnginEEr  PLANNERS ADVISORS") on the development of a feasibility study for the construction of a high-speed bus (bus rapid transit, BRT) along the route "Tashkent (Bektemir district) - Nurafshan - Tashkent Sea (Tuyabuguz reservoir) ".

The decision says that the concept of the project has already been developed. It is planned to allocate 6.9 billion soums from the overfulfilled part of the regional budget for the development of the feasibility study.